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spring fling

March 20, 2011

Spring has loads of new trends and naturally I wanted you all to be updated:) so here are a few trends you, my lovelies, can pull off.

color blocking:

From left: rag & bone, DKNY, and Derek Lam.

color blocking can be tough to pull off,sometimes the “block” of color can be put in odd and unflattering places such as the hips,chest, or rear which can make those problem areas a bit more problematic. But it also depends on what the shape of the block is or the color if the shape is a bit more angular and has an ‘arrow’ like shape it can be very flattering making you look much slimmer.

upswept do’s:

something about spring brings out many dainty qualities in all women and what’s more lovely then a 60’s inspired up-do?

round frames:

round framed shades are a must in your spring wardrobe it gives you that fresh look and feel in your attire. Giving you an instant update to any ensamble.

florals(of course):

I honestly don’t find this much of a trend when it comes to spring simply because florals are in every spring and it doesn’t make that much of a difference. But it is a must in every fashionistas closet.

show those toes:

plan to get a pedi every week or so because your toes are coming out of migration from those boots and catching some fresh spring air!

bold black and white:

don’t play it safe when it comes to black and white, make loud statements with popping stripes of the standard black and white.


your swimwear is anything but boring this spring go for those color blocking shapes with a wide range of color schemes. don’t hesitate when it comes to this fun in the sun fad.

naturally sexy:

bring out your inner animal with animal prints, like girraffe, zebra,cheetah,python… and more.


it”s your time to shine when you wear iredescent fabrics and glimmering sequins.


Lady Loves…Elie Saab Spring 2011 RTW

December 1, 2010

I’m so sorry that I havent been updating to those who read this blog but I’m back! I’m thinking of deleting this blog and doing a more visual diary type blog just cause… Well here will be possibly my last update on one of my faves Elie Saab.

Is sixteen the new twenty-four?

October 24, 2010

Sixteen years old and on her way to being a top model. Lindsey Wixon a native to Wichita, has signed her very first Versace fragrance contract for Versace Vanitas. Photographer Craig McDean shot the ads for the brand’s flagship scent  which will soon be launched in the U.S. in the second half of 2010 (can’t wait!)  Wixon looks like a baby version of Donatella she doesn’t even look all that recognizable in the ad, which features her with long, platinum blonde hair and fiercely smoked eyes, she looks a lot older then a 16 year old should, but if this ad isn’t being targeted to the older Versace lovers, then why was a 16 year old chosen to be the scents face? what do you think??

Lindsey Wixson (Marilyn).

Big Difference don’t you agree?

I’m Loving… Kenzo Spring 2011 RTW

October 22, 2010

Deliciously bright and full of fun spring flowers whats not to love about Kenzo’s latest collection? When I saw this collection I automatically perked up and my eyes blinked more than a thousand times as I admired the lovely flow of the fabric and the whimsical color pallete I’m in love!

Foam, and WC

October 1, 2010


“She is the Native heart, she is all neon light, she is a love child; she is a WILDFOX.”


Foam magazine had an interview with Emily Faulstich and Kimberly Gordon, the designers and makers of Wildfox Couture, I was thrilled when I saw the article, They are my inspiration, I love their quirky line of obnoxious shirts,with loud statements and vibrant colors. Their interview was all about Wildfox and what type of girls wear WC


What are some of the inspirations behind your t-shirt designs?
Emily: We pull inspiration from almost everywhere! Movies we love, muses like Marie Antoinette, Native American artwork, 80s color schemes, 90s T.V. shows- what inspires us most are things that make us happy and the cultures and ideas that we think are beautiful.

When you were five-years-old, what did you want to grow up to be?
Emily: I’m pretty sure I wanted to be a Broadway star or a My Little Pony.
Kim: A veterinarian… I love animals.

What type of girl wears Wildfox Couture?
Emily: Girls who love singing along to cheesy pop songs in their car with their friends, who always have a crush, who are free spirits. Girls who put roses in their bedrooms and teepees in their front yards.

If your favorite WC design could talk to us, what would it tell us?
Emily: Fall in love.
Kim: I have a crush on you.

WildFox Couture

The Big Bang

September 30, 2010

I’ve been wanting these bangs for quite a while and I’m so very happy that I’ve finally got them! Heavy bangs are very in and they are also the perfect vintage accessory. Bangs go back to the late 60’s early 70’s era of course making them perfectly vintage.

11 hair and make-up ideas from MFW

September 30, 2010

Spring is aproaching so why not spring out the hottest looks for the season? Here are some of the hottest imported from Milan Fashion Week.

1) Neon lips with dramatic va-va-voom lashes, From Fendi

2) Luxurious Navy Blue eyes, Like  Giorgio Armani

3)Dusty Purple eye-lids with pixie shimmery lips at Etro

4)Dramatic brows at Byblos

5)Cherry red lips and glossy side parts at Gucci

6)Huge flower pins and DayGlo lips at Les Copains

7)Birds Nest do’s at Dolce&Gabbana

8)Smokey earth toned eyes at Roberto Cavalli

9)Wet hair at Versace and Bottega Veneta

10)Hot Pink pouts at Jil Sander

11)Orange lids and frizzed out ponies at Maurizio Pecoraro